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2020-02-26 16:01 Mar 18, 2012 The FileUpload control does not work in an UpdatePanel. Here is a list of controls that do not work within an update panel (according to the Documentation for ASP. NET Ajax Version 1. 0 The following ASP. NET controls are not compatible with partialpage updates, and are therefore not supported inside an UpdatePanel control:

Panel with a Repeater that gets populated according to my first sproc (using the search criteria) inside each row is a LinkButton that when clicked calls my second sproc and populates a Panel within the Repeater row. I am populating the Panel in the codebehind in the ItemCommand event of the Repeater. updatepanel in repeater control

Repeater with UpdatePanel. On button click, the UpdatePanel is triggered and in the Repeater2ItemCommand event, I have saved the TextBox value in database and then called Repeater2. DataBind (). According to me, the Repeater must fetch the new values from the DataBase and display them. But it doesn't happen in that manner.

Sep 26, 2013  But what if there is a need only to update a single row or a control with in this grid view or repeater. In that case we can also put the update panel with in the GridView or Repeater. The following example demonstrates this behavior. In this example lets assume you are an airport controller looking for status of various flights. updatepanel in repeater control

Jun 01, 2014 How can I update my Repeater Contol automatically with my UpdatePanel Control? The Repeater receives data from my SQL Database. Can anybody help me? It would really make my day! Thanks in advance, Oct 18, 2011 The textbox is located inside a Repeater, which in turn is located inside an UpdatePanel. Problem is whenever the TextBox postsback, the whole page gets reloaded, instead of the UpdatePanel only. Interesting thing is, if I take the TextBox out of the repeater, it refreshes only the UpdatePanel. If i wrap an UpdatePanel around lnkFolder, then that UpdatePanel gets updated, with the same C# code. Ive checked what kind of data that are sent back with fiddler, and the wrong UpdatePanel is sent. Im getting the correct RepeaterItem, and both repFiles and updFiles are found. updatepanel in repeater control How to Refresh a Repeater without Page Reload using ASP. NET or JS or Jquery. Posted 13Oct12 0: 23am. AnaghaGlobuss. Accept Solution Reject Solution. You can use an AJAX Update Panel and place the Repeater control with a Refresh button inside it. Clicking the button present inside the UpdatePanel will do a partial page refresh.

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