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2020-02-19 05:08 Crystal Quality ( )# like jeez chibiusa tag your spoilers u brat# sailor moon crystal# episode 17. Well, I think we all know whos high score Chibiusa is beating. Posted 4 years ago with 299 notes Reblog# jfc what is with everyone's faces today# did I stumble into a different anime? ? ? # sailor moon crystal# mamoru chiba# episode 17.

Ive seen bitter blind Sailor Moon Crystal fans (Priders) coming at CCS fans (Fluffy Sakura Buns) just because the anime isnt awful (actually is the best revival so far) just like Sailor Moon Crystal was. Sis sailor moon crystal tumblr

She may even know that Usagi is Sailor Moon (in PGSM, Naru outright knows this; its only implied in the anime and manga). Moon Crystal Power Make Up, . My blog All of Tumblr. Follow on Tumblr. RSS feed. Random. Archive.

Oct 21, 2016 Luckily most of the infamous crystal anatomy is gone, so I would just make some little changes in the designs and details. # super sailor moon# sailor moon# sailor moon comic# comparisons# smc# sailor moon crystal season III sailor moon crystal tumblr

Find and follow posts tagged sailor moon crystal on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. # sailor moon crystal# sailor moon fan art# sailor moon# sailor mars# sailor mercury# sailor jupiter# sailor venus# usagi tsukino# rei hino# makoto kino# minako aino# sailor neptune# sailor uranus# sailor saturn# sailor pluto# michiru kaioh# haruka tenoh# setsuna Random Sailor Moon Trivia: Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice of Usagi TsukinoSailor Moon in the Sailor Moon anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, played a role in Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa along with Miyuu Sawai, the actress who played Usagi in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Dec 16, 2018  Bad doesnt even start to describe the utter trash Sailor Moon Crystal (at least the first season, which he directed) is. It gave us such gems as girls must have boyfriends in order to have personality, this girl is beautiful and therefore cant be evil, eating like a pig passes as comedy, right? , and many others. sailor moon crystal tumblr People Pride Siders would literally say anything to make Crystal look good is2g. . Crystal aka Sailor Moon The Powerpoint Presentation is bad, I think the whole universe has already agreed on that. . Its ok if you like it but you cant say its good because its just wrong in so many levels (I also love shows that arent good at all and thats ok because at the end of the day its Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss! 55 notes. Tagged: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, sailor moon, Moon Crystal Power Make Up, Usagi Tsukino, Moon Crystal Power, . Posted 18 hours ago Id like to point out some of the connections between Sleeping Beauty and Sailor Moon (Ill be taking references from the various versions of Sleeping sailor moon sailor moon crystal sailor venus sailor jupiter sailor mercury sailor mars sailor neptune sailor uranus sailor v usagi tsukino minako aino makoto kino ami mizuno rei hino michiru kaioh haruka tenoh sailor scouts sailor senshi my art Will add Saturn and Pluto once I get to them in the anime! ! Good news, Moonies! A new season of Sailor Moon Crystal, presumably based on the Dream Arc of the manga (or Super S Season of the 90s anime), has been officially confirmed! During the announcement for Sailor Moons 25th Anniversary Project, it was revealed that a continuation of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime has been greenlit.

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oy dati i used to write a lot para sa taong gusto ko or mahal ko? kaso umabot ako sa point na parang useless na lang kasi puro sila na lang tapos ako wala? ? hindi naman sa humihingi ako ng kapalit pero para kasi akong tanga lang idk if you feel me or nah basta yun na yon. nakakapagod talaga mag invest ng feelings sa iba tapos pag nawala back to zero na naman kaya nakakagago talaga. pero siguro

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Smash is no exception, but as none of the fighters are originally from Smash, many of their costumes contain references to their home series or shoutouts to other characters, or even real life things. So today, Ill be showing you the alternate costumes of the first four Lawls Peak fighters and explaining their origins. Lets go! Keep

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tbh i am disgusted that ariana grande had to actually disable her comments on twitter because so many people are blaming her for mac millers death from an overdose. like yes his death is immensely tragic and alcohol and drugs are a huge issue in society today but ariana was in no way obligated to stay with someone who was toxic for her health and wellbeing. and the people who are saying that

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It seems like some people are interested in reading some old E& P fanfics written by authors who deleted their account. I just checked my laptop and I have around 38 fanfics from authors like andeandp and dre220 they sent them to me themselves btw which is why I assume its ok for them if I send them to people who want to read them since this fandom is pretty much dead anyways.

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Aug 25, 2014 Here's the thing. My theme has absolutely no code related to Read more. I have searched everything and every variation I can think of. I've also looked at a half a dozen other Tumblr theme codes, and none of them had it either.

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These matching skeleton key tattoos. The skeleton key is a common component of many loveydovey couple tattoos. However, it usually accompanies a lock, cause, lock and key, key to my heart, you get it right? This pair of identical matching keys is a welcome deviation from the boat loads of lock and key tattoos we see on an almost daily basis.

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