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2020-02-17 10:02 Use UpdateCursor to update a field of buffer distances for use with the Buffer tool. import arcpy arcpy. env. workspace c: dataoutput. gdb fc fields ( ROADTYPE , BUFFERDISTANCE )# Create update cursor for feature class# with arcpy. da.

7 rows import arcpy arcpy. env. workspace 'c: dataoutput. gdb' fc fields ['ROADTYPE 'BUFFERDISTANCE Create update cursor for feature class with fields) as cursor: # Update the field used in Buffer so the distance is based on road# type. Road type is either 1, 2, 3, or 4. update cursor arcpy examples

Summary. UpdateCursor establishes readwrite access to records returned from a feature class or table. . Returns an iterator of lists. The order of values in the list matches the order of fields specified by the fieldnames argument. . Discussion. Update cursors can be iterated using a for loop. Update cursors also support with statements to reset iteration and aid in removal of locks.

Here is how it is done using the other arcpy update cursor. I adjusted things a little bit to simplify some python code. I find when learningexplaining arcpy cursors, to save the da cursors for later after you get a hold of this version. update cursor arcpy examples

Nov 20, 2015 Python script Update Cursor. Try using the. It is much faster that the arcpy. UpdateCursor. Below is an example: Legacy: Update cursors can be iterated with a for loop or in a while loop using the cursor's next method to return the next row. When using the next method on a cursor to retrieve all rows in a table containing N rows, the script must make N calls to next. A call to next after the last row in the result set has been retrieved returns Update cursors are able to be iterated with a for loop or in a while loop using the cursor's next method to return the next row. When using the next method on a cursor to retrieve all rows in a table containing N rows, the script must make N calls to next. update cursor arcpy examples

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