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2020-02-19 19:16 I kissed the top of his head and clambered into the car. I sat in the seat for a while, admiring the photo the woman took of us. I set it as my lock screen then posted it on instagram. The comments were flooded with people saying 'pudd' i just laughed and smiled at doug. Realising that 'pudd' isn't just a fun name for the fans anymore.

Chapter 1: Harry's POV. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I never joined Mcfly. Maybe I'd have kept on with cricket, maybe I'd have gotten a nine to five job in some office somewhere in England, married young and had kids. pudd fanfic tumblr

CREATE BLOG Join Im basically using it for Teen Wolf fanfiction, and thats about it. Chances are youre not going to see many personal posts, just me talking about Teen Wolf and fanfic. Tags: gum pudd harrydougie judd poynter.

DISCLAIMER. This site is not affiliated with Monsta X or Starship Entertainment. This blog is fanrun and all content is fan made. The opinions or views expressed on this blog of on the fics linked via this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the the writers or the adins. pudd fanfic tumblr

Mar 05, 2014 A fanfic of Morbidly Obese Lemongrab someone wrote. Nearly died when I read this. Wattpad isnt the easiest to navigate on and the adds can be annoying, but there are some gems hidden in there! Honorable cough mentions for The Order of the Serpent and its sequel, that could not be featured in this list (because my own brain farted it out). Also, you should check out the comments and leave some of your own, most of them are highly entertaining and sometimes better Pudding! AN: So, um, I remember hearing a while back that Sam was actually the one was supposed the say Pudding in Sam, Interrupted (5x11) but the producers thought it fit Dean better. And I pudd fanfic tumblr PUDDING. Le trs sexy Edward que presque tout le monde aime cache de lourds secrets. Le jour, il est Edward Cullen, 20 ans, tudiant en mdecine l'universit de Whashington. Drle et un peu rveur, il tente de survivre son colocataire, sa famille et ses plan Q particuliers. Mais la nuit, il est BATMAN! . . This blog is for fanfics messagesubmit me fanfics that you would like others to know about and i will share and promo them: ) # charlotte pudding# sanji# vinsmoke sanji# sanji x pudding# sanpu# baratie# zeff# zeff and sanji# one piece# imagine him thinking that he told sanji that he wont# have a lady work at the baratie# then he remembers that this is the first favor sanji's asked for in over two years# and he lets it slide just once# for his little eggplant# its funny 11. Kid fic or childhood friends? 12. Friends with benefits or secret dating? 13. Exes or established relationship? 14. (For authors) Post a line of dialogue from one of your WIPs without context. 15. Post the last line you wrote without context. 16. Describe your WIP that currently has the highest word count. 17.

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