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do u ever get fucking emotional over how good the fallout is? like. its just so perfect, it literally encapsulates everything dramione is to me. it just sums it up so perfectly. a lot of people wont read it bc its on dramione. org and you need an account, but its honestly just fucking amazing, just as a story. i read it for the first the fallout dramione tumblr

The Fallout From The Callout Those first couple of days after the GES callout were a bit tense. Real life obligations kept us from responding at the time other than a few comments here and there. Each

The Fallout (Dramione) by EveryThursday This is the shit! ! Its funny, its sad its just overly amazing! Honestly probably one of my favorite fan fictions, Ive read it like 6 times now. I honestly the fallout dramione tumblr

I just read The Fallout (again), and I really like Draco& Hermione's relationship in this fic. I like everythursday's Draco in this fic, he obviously cares about Hr but he doesn't say it My Secret Dramione tumblr. Obsessing in secret since forever. The Fallout by everythursday Granger, were in the fucking fallout. His eyes scan across the lake, back and forth, like he can see it all in front and around them. It doesnt get much more destroyed than this. Isnt that your bleeding heart cue to Breakfast that consists mostly of stale muffins from the back of the pantry and the last of the tea and coffee is a quiet event, until a faceless Auror storms in. The dishes that had been piled on top of the counter in rows are all thrown to the floor in an outcome of rage that doesn't seem gratifying in the least. the fallout dramione tumblr Isolation by bexchan (Dramione, set during 7th year) Hunted by bexchan (Dramione, set post war, 4 years later) The Fallout by everythursday (Dramione, not really sure, need to register to read, apparently 100 worth it and is apparently the queen of Dramione fics) The Symmetrical Transit (Dramione, not sure, need to register to read) Dec 07, 2010  A Tumblr for Dramoine Fan Fiction Recommendations. I'm going to post all the ones that I absolutely love, and I will more than willingly share those that any of you suggest! I love Dramione Apr 24, 2014 Review: Fallout tells the story of Hermione after Ron and Harry have left her to find the Horcruxes and she helps the war effort while traveling from safe house to safe house. There, she finds the now bloodtraitor and Phoenix member, Draco Malfoy. Im confused in chapter 27 of The Fallout by every Thursday. (I know the story is generally really symbolic). Have you read it? The part that Im not understanding is the ending where Draco is burning her very not bloody clothes.

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